Why it works

Families Foundation's model for implementing works because it's about listening, understanding, being respectful and sharing knowledge with local communities. At Families Foundation, it's important we always:

Support local decision-making

We see local decision-making as critical. We know that those who best understand the needs of local families are the communities and partners with whom we work. So, decision-making and agency over initiatives will always rest with local leadership.

This could range from engaging local government leadership or local community-based organisations to drive the project, to tailoring local implementation structures that match the community's needs and resources.

Develop Partnerships

Families Foundation always strives to create partnerships within local communities, so we are responsive and flexible to local needs and wants. Because communities are often complex, we form partnerships with governments, funders, NGOs, international development organisations, and community-based organisations. This is the key to making sure our evidence-based practices work effectively.

Ensure Programmes are Culturally Acceptable and Locally Adaptable

We know that, however strong the science is for an evidence-based practice, it needs to be culturally acceptable and flexible enough to adapt to a local context. So, Families Foundation works with community partners to evaluate local needs and cultural acceptability of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. We can then adapt its delivery to suit.

Use a Systems Approach

Families Foundation supports a systems approach. Including parenting programmes in a mix of family and community support programmes will deliver best results. Around the world, the Triple P System already complements many other support services and programmes such as nutrition, infectious disease control, early childhood education, and violence and poverty reduction.

Be Sustainable

We believe a community's investment in programmes needs to deliver long term. We use sustainability strategies that are based on implementation science and processes. All initiatives should include sustainability plans that are realistic and work to meet sustainable development goals.

Promote Evidence-based Practice

Families Foundation recommends that the interventions and the implementation processes used in any initiative be proven to work. During the planning and decision-making stages of an initiative, we encourage partners to consider the evidence and outcomes of the practices being considered.

Encourage Integration

In the complex environment of community development, Families Foundation supports an approach of complementarity. This means our work is not just about the programme we help implement. We help our partners make their holistic visions reality, by assisting NGOs and communities as they integrate a range of programmes that complement each other. The goal is to create outcomes in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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