Who we are

Families Foundation is a global not-for-profit.

Our Mission

Families Foundation works with organisations in LMIC to support and strengthen families.

We see the family unit as the foundation of a strong and healthy society because, when families are functioning well, communities can build better futures, using programmes to improve health, development, education, employment and more.

Our vision

We want to actively contribute to a world in which all children are nurtured and have a safe, stimulating environment at home, and in their communities too.

How we do it

We partner with local organisations in a community. Together, we develop plans that will genuinely meet the needs of the community. We share our expertise and work collaboratively. But the goal is always to build our partner’s capacity. We want to empower them with the skills and knowledge so they can work independently without external input.

Our Expertise

We have extensive expertise in implementing, collaboratively planning, training, and supporting delivery of the world’s most extensively-researched parenting programme (the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ®). We share with our partners the knowledge and expertise of evidence-based programmes, as well as our expertise of science-based implementation frameworks.

Our Partners

We have global strategic partnerships with:

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